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The National Association of Ndi Isuikwuato USA (NANIUSA) began in 2001 to foster relationship among our people living in the United States and promoting humanitarian projects in Isuikwuato, Nigeria.


NANIUSA is strong with membership across the United States. Our strength and passion come from our belief in working constructively in the endeavors that advance the welfare of our people in Isuikwuato Nigeria. The Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Quad States (NY, NJ and PA) and Washington D.C. (DC, MD, DE and VA) are the core chapters of NANIUSA.


Bi-Annual Medical Mission Investments & Results (2007 - 2017)

$72,000+ well spent providing health care services for 2,000+ Patients and 100+ successful Cataract Surgeries.


Isuikwuato General Hospital Renovation 2017

The Isuikwuato General Hospital has been in existence since the earlier seventies. It’s primary purpose was to provide health care services for the people of Isuikwuato. It is the responsibility of the Abia State Government to keep it functional. It is unfortunate that this hospital was abandoned for years without a regular routine maintenance. The plumbing no longer worked due to rusted and clogged pipes. The roof was badly damaged, caved in and unsafe. The electrical work (wiring and outlets) was obsolete and dangerous to use. The Well System (borehole) was damaged and inoperable for years. The physical appearance of the hospital was deplorable and demoralizing for patients and staff. Nothing worked and it was a disaster instead of a hospital.


NANIUSA took on the project and invested $12,000+ to renovate the hospital in 2017. We are happy to report that the Isuikwuato General Hospital has been restored to a functioning and a visually appealing facility. Why all the efforts? Because our people deserve better.

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